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Working at ADRA is more than just a job—it’s an opportunity to be a part of something bigger. Our work is making a difference in the lives of thousands of people in Uganda. Through hard work, perseverance, and deep commitment we turn limited resources into life-changing solutions.

ADRA employs qualified personnel regardless of religion, race, tribe, political affiliation and gender. Deadline for application submission is April 9.


ADRA Uganda urgently needs a consultant to undertake a capacity assessment of community based organisations in North Karamoja. The required consultant should have a minimum of a Master’s Degree in Organisational Development, Development Studies, Monitoring and Evaluation, Social Sciences or any other relevant degree, plus solid experience in a similar field.

ADRA Uganda is a Humanitarian Organization of the Seventh Day Adventist Church that demonstrates Gods love and compassion. The organization supports individual and community development, disaster and relief including food security, economic development, primary health care, emergence response and Basic Education. ADRA Uganda also empowers Local Community Based Organizations to become agents of change in their communities. ADRA Uganda employs the Human Rights Based Approach while reaching out to the targeted communities. Other strategies/approaches used by ADRA include: Advocacy, Capacity Building, and Strategic Services delivery as a means for sustainability of the targeted CBOs and also support them address their community needs.

ADRA Uganda has implemented Action for Social Change (ASC) program in the districts of Kotido, Kaabong and Abim for over 10 years. The overall goal of the current phase IV of the program (2018 to 2021) is to empower people living in poverty to participate and contribute to realize their right to sustainable development through evidence-based advocacy, lobbying, collaboration and networking with other relevant organizations to address the social, economic and political issues that affect the targeted communities.

In the previous phases of the program ADRA has been directly involved in the program implementation. Whereas in ASC IV ADRA intends to partner with 20 (6 from each district of Kaboong, Kotido, Abim and 2 from Agago or Amuria districts strong mature CBOs to implement program activities on behalf of the organization. Based on this intention the organization plans to conduct a CBOs capacity assessment to facilitate the selection of the 20 CBOs from the total of 60 CBOs targeted by the previous phases of the program.

Purpose of the Assignment
The purpose of the assignment is to ensure that the 20 partners are able to implement quality activities in an efficient, effective and coordinated manner based on the ASC IV program design.

Objective of Assessment
ADRA-Uganda would like to engage the services of the Consultant to carry out a capacity assessment of 60 CBOs (20 for each district in Abim, Kaboong and Kotido) to guide the selection of 20 partners to implement program activities.

Specific Objectives
• Assess the CBO leadership, governance and general management capacity of the CBOs.
• Assess the informal and formal external relationship and networking capacity of CBOs and level of engagement with authorities at parish, sub county district and national levels.
• Assess the level of financial management and level of documentation among the targeted CBOs.
• Identify capacity development gaps of CBOs as related to human rights, advocacy, resource mobilization, participatory planning, implementation and monitoring.
• Guide ADRA Uganda on the CBOs to choose as partners to implement the ASC program and give relevant and technical recommendations on how this CBOs can be strategically supported to address the identified capacity gaps.

Scope and Focus of the Assignment
The Consultant is expected to employ different capacity assessment methodologies to address the purpose and objectives of the assignment as outlined above. The methodology needs to be clearly articulated in the proposal and will also be presented by the Consultant in the inception report. It is expected that the Consultant will adopt a mix of quantitative and qualitative research methods such as structured or semi-structured interviews, key Informant interviews and Focus Group discussions in order to identify key issues as out lined in the specific objective section above.

Scope of Work
The consultant will be required to lead on the following tasks in consultation with both the ASC Program manager and Desk officer
• Hold an inception meeting and conduct CBO document/monitoring tools review to gain an understanding of the CBO legal status, activities and contextual issues.
• Design tools for collection of both qualitative and quantitative data and share the tools with desk office/program manager well in advance
• Develop a baseline methodology/strategy for the assessment of the community Based Organizations supported by ASC.
• Conduct capacity assessment of CBOs to come up with 20 that will implement activities on behalf of ASC.
• Hold discussions with the relevant sub county and district stakeholders to validate the potential of the implementing CBOs to conduct activities on behalf of ADRA.
• Analyze and synthesize data; and prepare draft capacity assessment report for feedback
• Incorporate, compile and submit final capacity assessment report

Arrangement of all transportation & other logistics is the responsibility of the Consultant in consultation with ASC desk officer and Program manager

Expected Deliverables
Once contracted the Consultant will submit an assessment methodology and work plan to ADRA
Uganda ASC Desk Officer for approval before starting the work. He/she will also share the tools, assessment design, sampling strategy of the assessment and assessment report with relevant recommendations.

The consultant, during the course of this assignment, will report to the Program manager Action for Social Change.

Proposed work plan

Development of TOR April 2018 ASC team
Identification and recruitment of consultant April 2018 Procurement Office
Review of TOR and relevant documents/assessment tools April 2018 Consultant
Data collection April 2018 Consultant
Data analysis April 2018 Consultant
Draft capacity Assessment Report April 2018 Consultant
Validation of the draft report April 2018 ASC Desk Officer/Program Manager
Presentation of the final capacity assessment report April 2018 Consultant

Time frame
The CBO capacity assessment exercise and production of the final report and sharing it with ADRA Uganda ASC desk officer and Program manager will last for a period of 3 weeks, beginning from the date of commencement.

Action for Social Change Consultant

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